Jacket tube

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Jacket Tube

HFFR PE Sheathed Tube

Cross sectional layer as 1 core tube with out sheath by TPU, PE material. Sheath is recommended for product oil (Naphta, Gasoline, Fuel oil, etc.) carriers where PVC Sheath is not applicable, Shipyards conventionally installed bare tube without sheath in product oil tanks so the tube was bare exposed to corrosion. In order to prevent the possible tube corrosion in the tanks TPU, PE sheathed Jacket Tube (non-adhesive) is highly recommended for product oil carriers. TPU, PE material properties are not available with adhesive.

● Specification
Item Description Remark
Tube OD Ø 3.175~ Ø 100 Coil Tube OD6~OD38
Thickness As Customized Requirement  
Length ~12m ( Applicable for customer requirement ) Coil Tube Approx. 300m~500m
Material 304/L, 316/L, 316L Mo2.5, S31254, S31803, S32750, Monel, Inconel, Incoloy, Copper or Copper Alloy  
Grade ASTM A213/269, JIS G3459  
Sheath Material Flame-Retardant PVC / Halogen Free Material
(See Table Below)
Approval Code IEC 60332-1 / IEC 60332-3  

● Sheath Material
Material PVC TCR
Tensile Strength(kgf/mm²) 1.2~1.4 2.0~2.4 1.3~1.6 2.3~2.8 1.0~1.3 2.0~2.3
Service Temperature (°C) -40/+70 -50/+100 -40/+70 -50/+90 -45/+70 -50/+90
Elongation (%) 250~290 340~380 250~290 400~600 500~700 420~380
(Shore A or D)
84~90 (A) 81~85 (A) 86~90 (A) 87~380 (A) 93~95 (A) 90~95 (D)
Halogenated × × ×
Flame Retardant (IEC60332-1) ×
Flame Retardant
(IEC60332-3-22 Category A)
× ×

Please consult us for other materials not listed.
TCR : Thermal & Cold Resistance, FR : Flame Retardant, HFFR : Halogen Free & Flame Retardant, XLPE : Cross-Linked Polyethylene, TPU : Thermo Plastic Polyurethane